Gujarati Food Dishes that are famous all around the world

 A Gujarati can be found almost anywhere on the planet. And thanks to such a widespread presence, the Gujarati cuisine has also pro[agated its presence around the world. It is normal for people to recognize our dishes and even create a liking for the same. Today, we bring you a list of famous Gujarati dishes that have been acclaimed and relished around the world.

Wherever you go, the Khaman would follow you. An ultimate gujju food, Khaman is relished in almost all parts of the world and is often considered a trademark dish that represents the cuisine. A steamed snack consisting of fermented dal and rice mixture, it’s garnished with mustard leaves and curry leaves. There are a lot of variants available in the local market. You can find different varieties of Khaman such as Sandwich Dhokla. Idada or Dahi Khaman.

A flat-bread that every Gujarati would swear by, Thepla is the go-to snack for any occasion. After checking your passport or ticket, you’d probably check whether you have packed your theplas for your trip if you are a Gujarati.  Actually, the item has a long shelf life, and if made with care, it can be considered a very healthy option to eat, for healthful eating. Theplas can be enjoyed with curd, pickles or even with Hot tea. Gujaratis even have many variations of Theplas comprising of Palak, Methi or Muli.  

This rolled up spongy delight is a melt in your mouth, that instantly makes you a big fan. Its essentially thin layers of gram flour cooked in buttermilk and made into delicious rolls. After that, it’s seasoned with sautéed sesame seeds along with various spices. Light on the stomach and pleasing on the tongue, Khandvi can be a perfect breakfast item or a delectable evening snack.

Undhiyu, a premium winter delight is a Gujarati vegetable curry, that derives its name from the Gujarati word “undhu,” which means inverted. It's so-called because it's prepared in an inverted clay pot. One of the best Gujarati dishes of all time, it is prepared with a combination of winter vegetables like papdi, surti, eggplant, methi, and bananas, apart from other items. Its preparation involves slow cooking it to perfection with buttermilk. Undhiyu is best enjoyed with puris and shrikhand.
Gujaratis make sure to relish Undhyu during uttarayan along with flying kites.

What Gujju pancake looks like! Handvo is an all-time favorite for all gujjus. Soft in the interior and crisp on the exterior, this is considered to be a one-dish meal. They are prepared using a batter of lentils and rice while being fermented overnight. Like most other Gujarati dishes they are relished along with Coriander Chutney or with Hot Tea.

Kachoris are heavily exported to western countries where they have found a lot of liking. Kachoris are made up of flour with a filling of your choice. The Gujarati rendition, known as the Lilva Kachori, is primarily made up of a mixture of pigeon peas, green chilies, coriander, and spices.
 Kachori can also be enjoyed with a tangy sauce or chutney.

Every Gujarati’s Sunday breakfast consists of Fafda and Jalebi primarily. Fafda is the crunchy snack made out of gram flour whereas jalebi is the quintessential Indian sweet. The combination is a sure match in heaven and is available in almost all nooks and corners of any city in Gujarat.

Gujarati Kadhi, another famous Gujarati food, comes as quite the savior for its people, especially during the summers when the stifling heat can bother your insides. It's hearty, filling, easy-to-cook and is a staple in all the households in Gujarat. A traditional dish made of sour curd, it's spiced with thickened gram flour and given a sweet touch with jaggery or sugar. One can instantly recognize it due to its white color, while its best enjoyed with Khichdi which is made out of different Dals and spices.

Any Gujarati Thali is incomplete without these essential dishes and one must try any of these authentic dishes to take a deeper dive into the Gujarati cuisine and culture.            


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