How to choose the perfect menu for any event?

Events are a lot of fun and frolic. There are a lot of things to do for everyone. This is when we get to meet people and unwind. The uncles meet up and discuss the stock market. Aunties have all the information in the world to share. The children use it is as an opportunity to run around. Some things never change. But there is one thing that lights up everyone’s eyes. Regardless of who they are. Food. A Food counter is the most happening place at the venue. Everyone has their eyes widened and mouths salivating in the search for food. Because at the end of the day, that is all that matters right?
Having the perfect menu is highly crucial to making an event successful. People will walk back home happy and warm when they have had some lip-smacking delicacies. But this is not as easy as it may seem. Food is no child’s play. It has to be planned and plotted very smartly. After all the event lies on the shoulders of the caterers. But do not fret! There are ways of finding the perfect match of the menu for your event.
Here are a few ways in which you could master this prong of the event:

1. Tasting

This is the first point because it is also the most fun. The idea itself will get a smile on the face of anyone making the decisions. Food tasting is an art. The caterers don’t just sprinkle salt and spice, they sprinkle pixie dust. If your venue allows it taste as many caterers and their menus as possible. If not schedule yourself separate tastings with separate places. This will give you a clear comparative view of what food you like more.
An important thing to do is to keep a diary and write down the notes of the caterers that you have visited. When you compare these notes according to some criteria, you can make the decision. Do not be afraid to ask your caterer's questions. If you feel there is a query that you need to be solved, ask. It is also essential that one or two of the core people of the event should be present for the tastings. Two points of views must be seen. They should also be reassured of the food they are paying for. You should ask all about their insurance and hygiene certificates so that this decision is not one just driven by emotions but is also an informed decision.

2. Budget

This is a point that need not be mentioned. But it is an integral part of any event ever to be planned. You need to know how much you or the core event members are willing to pay. They also need to prioritize and decide the weight of food in their event. There are caterers out there making aesthetically pleasing food, complete with swan-folded napkins and salad cut in the layout of flowers. They are beautiful not only to look at but are also tantalizing to the tongue. You will get drawn to it without any choice of your own and make an impulse buy.
This is why it is essential for you to talk to your caterer upfront. When he/she tells you about the cost that it would mean for you, your decision is more comfortable. The caterers will only show you options that will fit in this budget you have given them. Hence you will avoid the entire pain of having too many things to choose from and them coming to know of their prices. Once you do this, you can work with your caterer and figure out a way to manage your menu. You will be completely blown away by the fact that you can still maintain a great, creative menu while managing your money well.

3. Your Guests

Yes, your taste matters. After all, you are the one throwing the event. What you want in your menu is essential to consider. But do not get stuck there. There is a reason you are hosting the event. There is something you want to celebrate with people. People are an integral part of an event. If the people were to be removed, this would just be part of one. So, it is essential to pick a menu that suits the taste of your people.
You need to decide what sort of crowd you are inviting. Who is your ideal invitee? The age group, area, and every other characteristic of the crowd will help shape your menu. If is an older crowd, a more typical, ethnic approach will work. If it is a younger, city crowd, a fusion of cuisines will be great. These are the people that are taking their time off just to celebrate an important day with you. So, pleasing their stomach is what you are ideally looking at.
You need to know if there are any significant allergies of any sort? If so, you have to plan accordingly. If there are any known allergies, make printouts of menus and components to educate them of the same. Keeping a vegetarian dish or list separate for your people is a lovely thing to do and will bring a smile to that friend who only eats paneer. If you mess up these things, it will force the people with specific dietary restrictions to go back home without any food or find a different way to fill their stomach. This does not leave a positive impact on those coming for the event.

4. Match the Match

We have already acknowledged how important the tables with the food are for the event. We all want to run right to it. But there is a lot more to the event. There is music, there is dance. There are lights and flowers and things that make you smile. All of these things have to work in perfect harmony for it to come off as an event worth being at. There is a tone or a vibe or every event. Everything in the event will be planned and made according to these criteria. Your menu cannot be screaming out of the theme. It has to fit in seamlessly for everyone to enjoy it. When people come to an event, they see everything and feel a certain feeling, and if the food does not go along with it, it is a disappointment. You must plan the cuisine, style of serving, dishes and everything by this as well.

Food is an integral part of everything in life. We need everything in our events to be absolute perfection. If you do this right and pick the perfect menu, you have already made your people happy.
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