5 Easy Hacks to help you plan your event

Planning an event might seem like an easy task. After all the movies we have seen with posh women in designer saris going about ordering people, we think it is a piece of cake. But once you go right down to the grind, you will realize what it actually takes to plan an elaborate event. There are details from the color of a particular thing to the transport of the materials to think about. But we don’t want you to get bogged down. There are a tonne of people and hacks out there to help you. And we will help you glide through the process of planning your event.

1. Plot on Paper

Imagine planning a birthday and forgetting to get the balloons. That is such a scary thought. There are a lot of different things that you will have to work out, and you will get confused if you just plot it all out in your head. Try to make sure you put everything on paper. Write the main parts of your events. Write all the things required for you to buy. This will also keep the idea of the event clear to you. Everything becomes a little easier to understand once you have it on paper and can look and feel it.
A lot of times you have to pass on some work to other people. You have to tell someone to get something for you. If you have it written down, it will be easier for you to delegate the work and plan everything easier. Sometimes you will have to sketch something out to explain it to someone, so having a pen and paper on you will be helpful. The idea of using lists is also perfect for planning an event. Keep checklists on you at all times so you can cut off activities as you finish them. This makes it easier for you to manage everything.

2. Venue

Where? This is the biggest question of all time. Without knowing where you want your event to be, you cannot get going on the next variables. The decision can be tough to make, so we have a quick comparative study guide for you. If the venue meets these criteria, then it is placed to go with.

a. Cost-
What you need to check is their price range matches your budget. If this face itself is not cleared, everything will come tumbling down. Make sure you find out all about the extra costs or conditions applied. Also, know your budget. Unless you know that you will be stuck at step 2.

b. Know what sort of services you require fulfilled to make this event a success. 
Do you want an all-night, world cuisine or are you looking for huge halls? Each venue has a specific set of services they offer. Are you making use of this advantage? Are there the right options needed to keep all the people invited safe and comfortable?

c. Capacity
The people coming to the event are the first priority. You need to know and decide how many people are going to be visiting to determine your venue. You also need to know what kind of people they are.

d. Vibe
The event is your own baby. To decide a site, you should go to places and try to get a proper feel of it. If the environment is wrong, then the event is doomed however hard people work.

3. Right people

No event is a one-person task. It cannot be just one person trying their best to manage the event. Seamless working does not happen like that. You need contacts to be able to pull this off. There are things you can help them with, and there are things they can help you with. You need the guy who will direct you towards the freshest of flowers and the sweetest of desserts.
Take a chance on people and find people you can trust with. You need people that can work together to make this event the best you have seen. But try not to trust just anyone. Finding the perfect caterer or driver is not always easy. But there are now tonnes of apps that can help you out. You can still also go by word of mouth to find trustable people in your extended circles.
You need a core team to make things happen. Your lists are ready, now you need to assemble the team that you can give the tasks to. You have a list of activities written down. Next, to this write the name of the person you find suitable for the job. Who will be in charge of making calls and maintaining a connection with the venue? Who will be responsible for the security of the event?
If you have a venue with their own staff, this task might be easier for you. You will have to coordinate with the manager and get things done. The team will also be an advantage as they know exactly how the place works. Hence, they do not have to waste time getting to know things or finding them out. A lot of work while planning an event happens through calls and communication. You have to explain to everyone on the team what you want. You have to be transparent about everything so that the event becomes a success.

4. Visualize it

If you are unable to see how it is going to look on a primary day, then you will be confused throughout the process. Since you are the source of information for most of the team, this is an extremely dire point. You need to be clear with your own ideas so that the game of Chinese whisper does not break the event down as it passes from person to person.
You need to be able to see how the place should look. You need to know if the table should be moved a little to the right or to the left. You also need to know how everything will work on that day. Events are such intricate things with so many details. It does not take a lot for things to start falling apart. You need to go through and write down the specific schedule of the event. If a game were a play, this would be a rehearsal. You need to rehearse thoroughly about how things should go down on the day.
The final details are not required here. This plan will probably keep changing, like the script. But it is essential that you keep visualizing everything in the event from the time the caterers arrive at the time the ceremony ends.

5. Time

The best events are not planned overnight. They need a certain amount of time to work out fully. The key is to start early. If you begin with the planning as quickly as possible, you have a more extended time period. This not only opens your event up to a lot more options or possibilities but also allows more breathing space for failures.
You also need to stick the schedule. Delays will reduce the effectivity of the work as well as cause a lot of issues on a primary day. You will have to map and time the entire process of the event planning. Organize your time well. Keep a certain number of tasks per day and try to pull them off without fail. Take short, repeated breaks which will increase the productivity and efficiency of the event.

Planning an event is not comfortable, whoever you are. Whether a family member of someone or an event manager starting out, there are a lot of hurdles that you will have to jump past. This does not clear the vast topic in the least, but at least you have a few easy ways and hacks, to begin with.

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